Continuation of My Notes by Barry O'Connell

I am in the process of grouping notes and interlinking them. So links that were here on this page are now being moved to sub pages. So far I have created the following sub pages:

Notes on Afghanistan - Notes on the Mongols - Notes on Ottoman Osman Othman Osmanli - Notes on the Seljuks - The Mamluk

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This may seem a liitle odd but this is the way I learn things. I missed Kindergarden so this is my way of playing which of these things belong together.




Defeat of Uzun Hasan and the White Sheep Turkmen by the Ottoman

Lead up to the Venetian Embassy of 1479

Battle of Marj Dabik and the loss of the Mamluk Turkmen Border States

O'Donovan, Edmund - SpongoBongo

Notes on Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur

Diyarbakir Turkey

The Ak Quyunlu White Sheep Turkmen

Uzun Hasan

Timur versus Bayezid

Timur Tamerlane

Vasco da Gama in India

Portuguese in India

The Salar of Western China








Hispano-Moresque Pottery

Almohad Green Glazed Alhambra Vase

The Alhambra Vase

Khotan Hetian Xinjiang, China

Khotan-Darya River China

Khasi And Jaintia Hills India

Oriental Rugs

The Prophet Mohammed

Berdj Achdjian on Karapinar Rugs

This section is at the suggestion of Harold Keshishian. Harold is my dearest friend and at the same time one of my harshest critics. Harold suggested a non-commercial site and that sounded fine with me. I decided to mine open source literature for things that fit the scope of my study and then annotate and over time elaborate on the material.